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  years. 1837 onwards
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  SOUNDEX - Uses a 'sounds like' search for the FULL Surname

1. This index may be used free of charge for looking up information: copies of FULL certificates are available at cost plus a handling charge - just add your selection to the e-basket.
2. Fields marked with an asterisk(*) are mandatory.
3. For full searches with partial field entries, you may enter 3 or more characters in the surname and first name fields: the list of results will be substantially longer.
4. The date search will include the +/- number of years either side of the entered date.
5. For a Soundex search, the Surname must be spelt out in full: a Soundex search will take longer.
6. The Marriage/Civil Partnership option means that you can search for a person without knowing beforehand whether he/she is in a Marriage(M) or a Civil Partnership(CP). The results will indicate the type of relationship.

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